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Firms Practicing Family Law in Partnership UK

I know of a couple of people who are practicing family law in partnership UK having a large rate of divorce. We often discuss the fact that lawyers are a much maligned group of people and this is something which has been going for decades. One of the reasons for this is that people see lawyers as profiting from the misery of other unfortunate souls and the fact remains that yes there are a lot of unscrupulous lawyers out there but people need to be made aware of the other side of the coin.

The people that I know who are in the field of law and are practicing family law in partnership with other solicitors are hard working and caring people. It is true that they deal with sadness and the nastier emotions in life but we need to remember that they did not cause them and are often the ones whom people turn to for help and advice.

It is a sad fact of modern life that more than half of all relationships will breakdown at some point and we all need help to pick up the pieces of our lives again. A relationship does not always mean a marriage in the traditional ceremonial sense as it could be just two people living together as common law partners or even just having a relationship where they do not live together. The problems arise when the people in the relationship feel that they no longer wish to continue being partners and decide to go their separate ways.

When this happens many things need to be considered, depending on the nature of the relationship. If a couple is married they can decide to try a separation before applying for a divorce. The role of the lawyer comes in when either party decides that they wish to make the separation permanent and to divide their assets and make arrangements for the children. When a couple decide to divorce it can often lead to bad feelings and recriminations on both sides and this starts the process of making life upsetting for everyone.

A good family law solicitor at will try to minimize the animosity and it is their job to help their client handle all matters dealing with the divorce, including help with dealing with mediators, counselors and therapists. They need to try and keep things in control when dealing with issues such as custody of children or family pets, financial matters and living arrangements for the children. There is a lot at stake when it comes to finances and the division of assets such as the house, car and savings so both parties have to make sure that they find the best lawyer that they feel comfortable with.

The practitioners of family law in partnership UK companies’ use need to be sensitive and aware of the fact that they are dealing with people who have enough problems and misery without having to deal with someone whom they cannot trust and be honest with.

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